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Building wealth and leaving a legacy

Kingdom Investor Coaching

  • $14,000 Upfront (Save $2000)
  • 12 Months of Personalized Coaching
$14,000 | SIGN UP!

Kingdom Investor Coaching

  • $16,000 Paid Over 12 Months
  • 12 Months of Personalized Coaching

Why Become a Kingdom Investor?

What if all of the knowledge most people learn by trying and failing could be taught to you no failure required?

  • Personalized Financial Plan
  • Financial Portfolio Review
  • Monthly One-on-One Financial Planning Call with Chad
  • Coaching Zoom Calls Once Every Month
  • Email Support from the WealthBuilders Team
  • FREE WealthBuilders Event Tickets (WealthBuilders Conference, Real Estate Workshop Business Mastery Workshop, Investment Mastery, etc.)
  • Roundtable Video Conference Calls scheduled throughout the year with Billy
  • Free 1 Year Access to Wealthbuilders University (includes monthly Mastermind call- interactive)

Our Goal

To give you all of the tools necessary to build your investments better and faster then you could on your own.


We look at each one of you individually and give you advice that will work for you.

Our Mission

To help you build strategic plans for your own personal portfolio.